City resident wants new council with new ideas

9:19 am | August 28, 2012


Thank you for the opportunity and reception of my letter. In November we will choose three new members to the City Council. Together, it will be these ladies and gentlemen who will run our city government and spend our tax dollars.

Unlike the present council members, I believe the new council members should be elected for their new ideas to keep our city growing, operating and serving the people of Elizabethton. And the new council members should give their word that they will diligently look for other ways to finance our city rather than raise electric rates, water/sewer/garbage fees, and land taxes. All such resources are drawn from an old well with an old rope and pail. The old well is almost dry and has become part of the problem.

New council members should find new solutions.

- J.D. Smith, Elizabethton

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