Housing board hears update on water, garbage fees

8:50 am | October 3, 2012

The Elizabethton Housing and Development Agency Board has received answers to its questions concerning the city’s new water and garbage fees, which were applied to agency’s bills in August.

At the August EHDA board meeting, Director Kelly Geagley informed the board that a new water fee had been applied to the agency’s bill at $10 per unit for each of the 326 apartments in the agency’s control. The new fee results in an extra $3,260 per month and $39,120 per year that was not figured into the EHDA budget.

The EHDA pays the tenant’s water and garbage pickup bill and provides an allowance for electric usage. The agency is not billed per unit. Instead, there are four water meters; one for each apartment complex. Geagley said he was not opposed to the agency paying what was actually owed, but he believed the fee should be billed per meter instead of per unit because the city did not have to read meters at each of the individual apartments.

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