Life Lessons: Drummed Up Faith

10:13 am | November 7, 2012

About ten years ago, our son had his heart set on getting a real drum set. His drums at that time were a substandard brand and he had worn them out. Unfortunately, mom and dad were running low on discretionary funds at the time. So when he heard about an upcoming drum clinic at a large music store, he was elated to find out they were also going to give away a Yamaha drum set at the clinic!

Needless to say, he signed up for the clinic! Not long afterwards, he asked me if it was OK to pray that he would win the drum set. While I assured him it was OK to pray about anything, I also tried to help him understand that in His infinite wisdom, God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we hope He will.

Happily, I was encouraged to notice that his prayer life seemed rejuvenated as he began to earnestly pray that he would win the prized drum set, especially since mom and dad weren’t able to buy him one! Sadly, my faith was tempered by reality and I was concerned about what would happen to his faith if someone else won the drums.

The big day finally arrived. The crowd was large, but our son felt like his odds were still good. After all, he had God on his side! After the clinic ended, the drawing began and to our pleasant surprise, our son’s name was drawn! But, it was a bittersweet win. He won a consolation prize, and it was the next name drawn that won the coveted Yamaha drum set!

Our praying drummer was disappointed and somewhat disillusioned. What had gone wrong? Why hadn’t he won what he had prayed for? Didn’t God understand how important this was to his drumming, not to mention his faith?

I did my best to encourage him. I told him that God had answered his prayer since he did win something, when the vast majority of the clinic attendees hadn’t won anything. I suggested that God may have wanted him to see that He could and did answer prayer, but that maybe He had another plan in mind for upgrading his drums.

Eventually our drummer resigned himself to doing the best he could with the worn out drum set he had. Somewhat unexpectedly, God answered his prayers a few months later! Mom and dad stumbled upon a slightly used drum set that was for sale, for an amazing price within their budget. God ended up giving our son the best drum set Yamaha had to offer, he just had to wait a little longer to get it! In the end, our son’s faith was strengthened through this unexpected test!

Don’t be too quick to become discouraged or disillusioned when God doesn’t come through as you had hoped and prayed He would. He may test you to drum up your faith, and in the end give you something even better! Bruce Hendrich is pastor at

Oak Street Baptist Church 804 Oak Street • Elizabethon, TN 37643 • 423.542.4022 • 

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